Honeywell Smart Terminal Emulation Software for Mobile Computers

    FORT MILL, S.C., Sept. 17, 2018 — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that its ultra-rugged, mobile computers for distribution centers will feature new terminal emulation software to help workers perform their tasks more efficiently with user-friendly and intuitive device interfaces.


    Honeywell SmartTE powered by StayLinked enables secure, high-speed emulation to connect mobile workers to backend systems. Users will benefit from intuitive, customized interfaces and not having to navigate through complex, number-based menus to access data. Honeywell is offering the software in collaboration with StayLinked.


    The software is pre-installed on Honeywell's CN80 mobile computers, and users of the device will not need to acquire a license for the terminal emulation solution. Users of other Honeywell mobile computers running the AndroidTM operating system, including the CT60 and CT40, can download the application and acquire a license from resellers.


    “Distribution centers are increasingly relying on handheld computers to enhance worker productivity, improve accuracy and streamline operations. Workers accustomed to the graphical user interfaces on their smartphones are often challenged when using the traditional 'green screen' interfaces too commonly found in distribution centers,” said Taylor Smith, vice president of marketing for Honeywell's Productivity Products business. “This new collaboration with StayLinked, an industry leader in terminal emulation solutions, provides users with a more familiar interface while, offering our customers centralized software management and a simplified mobile device deployment process.”


    The terminal emulation software supports fast scanning input, customized keyboards, dynamic screen generation, screen design options and kiosk-style device controls. Honeywell SmartTE powered by StayLinked also provides consistent operations and management on mobile computers. The software helps businesses stay productive as sessions can be transferred from one device to another and can be quickly resumed when a device is rebooted.


    The CN80 mobile computer is an ultra-rugged device running Android and features both a traditional keypad and a large touchscreen interface to provide users with multiple options for inputting data. It is built on Honeywell's Mobility Edge' Platform, which comprises common software and hardware architecture and a suite of device tools to simplify and streamline mobile device deployment and management.


    All of the devices in the Mobility Edge Platform family will support the software, which will also be available for Honeywell's EDA series mobile computers.


    The software will be available on Honeywell's website for users to download.


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    Dolphin and Mobility Edge are trademarks or registered trademarks of Honeywell International Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.


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    • Software collaboration with StayLinked provides workers with intuitive user interfaces and enables secure, reliable enterprise communications
    • Honeywell Smart TE powered by StayLinked is pre-installed and pre-licensed for Dolphin CN80 mobile computer users
    Eric Krantz

    Safety and Productivity Solutions