Honeywell Introduces New Slim 2D Scan Engines to Improve Mobile Device Performance

    FORT MILL, S.C., Oct. 5, 2018 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced two new 2D barcode scan engines to help improve the data capture performance of compact and lightweight mobile devices, such as handheld computers, tablets and wearable scanners.

    The N670X and N3601 series engines are some of the most compact in their class, freeing up room to integrate other technology while enhancing overall productivity. By enabling fast, accurate and efficient scanning, these new scan engines help workers better perform their tasks efficiently and comfortably.

    The N670XSR Ultra-slim 2D Imager is designed for use in transportation and logistics, distribution centers and healthcare environments and offers an increased read range of 40 percent, compared to previous models. It can read barcodes – and even damaged labels – from up to 31.5 inches away, which can help workers to capture barcode data ergonomically without having to bend down. It can also read barcodes at a motion tolerance of up to six meters per second, allowing it to quickly read multiple barcodes while in motion.

    “As distribution centers increasingly rely on mobile devices to maximize productivity, scan engine technology is helping empower global commerce. The new N670X Series provides mobile device manufacturers with the opportunity to optimize technology already in-play, and to improve overall device performance,” said Lu Wang, general manager at Honeywell's Sensing and Internet of Things business. “These new 2D imagers not only provide advanced options for scanning both traditional and colored barcodes with higher accuracy, but they also enhance existing technology, by freeing up space in devices for other components.”

    Electrically compatible with Honeywell's N660X and N3601 Series imagers, the N670X scan engine can reduce overall integration time and design costs, while increasing design flexibility and choice.

    The N3601 Series improves distance readability by 80 percent compared to previous Honeywell models. The new scan engine is designed for handheld devices used by retail, mobile payment and field service workers. It offers a slim design, which translates into smaller, less bulky handheld devices.

    Both scan engines simplify the reading of higher resolution codes, while the white LED illumination system enhances image capture results and readability of colored barcodes. Users will benefit from the engine's more visible high definition LED green dot aimer, making usage more comfortable while increasing overall productivity – particularly in environments where barcodes are close to one another or otherwise difficult to read.

    The imagers' wide operational temperature range allows expansion into more demanding applications and the lower power consumption increases overall battery life provided by a single charge.

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    • The N670X Series is slimmest in its class for easy integration in compact devices and offers a motion tolerance of up to six meters per second
    • The N3601 Series increases read range by 80 percent over previous models
    Eric Krantz

    Safety and Productivity Solutions