New Honeywell Connected Aircraft Software Tool Simplifies Flight Planning

    PHOENIX, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is drastically reducing the need for multiple flight operations tools with the debut of a new software-based flight planning engine. The new GoDirect® Flight Planning technology provides pilots and operators in the business and general aviation space with faster and better options when planning flights worldwide.


    "Honeywell has built a unique flight planning solution around next-generation flight management system technology," said John Peterson, senior director, Connectivity Services, Honeywell Aerospace. "With just a click, GoDirect Flight Planning presents pilots with a comprehensive list of routes at multiple cruise modes and various approaches and departures. In addition, the pilot can select the route based on time, fuel used and forecasted weather around the globe."

    Honeywell's GoDirect Flight Planning engine and the accompanying website are designed to greatly simplify the flight planning workflow. It minimizes the amount of information to input, reducing the time needed to plan a flight. The results have been proved over a two-month trial period where flight plans both domestic and international were generated 75 percent more quickly than before.

    Features of GoDirect Flight Planning

    • Greater configurability: Pilots can choose more cruise speeds than before with the aid of Honeywell's cruise performance algorithms.
    • Data at your fingertips: Route performance data is provided with each route option, allowing pilots and operators to compare multiple cruise modes with every route.
    • Increased accuracy: Pilots and operators have more control over how much fuel is required and exactly how much time it will take from departure to destination.
    • A single sign-on: Users can now move easily between previously separate portals and monitor cabin connectivity, flight planning and tracking all from one place.

    GoDirect Flight Planning is part of Honeywell's GoDirect portfolio of more than 50 aviation services and applications that provide operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with critical information to manage their services and network efficiently. All GoDirect Flight Service customers have access to GoDirect Flight Bag Pro, an electronic flight bag application from Honeywell.

    To learn more about GoDirect Flight Planning, visit Honeywell's booth #2600 at NBAA 2018 to see a demo of the new combined flight and cabin portal integrated with the new flight planning engine.

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    Steve Brecken