Honeywell Operational Intelligence Software Helps Companies Manage Lifecycle of Their Mobile Computers

    FORT MILL, S.C., March 11, 2019 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today unveiled Honeywell Operational Intelligence, an intuitive cloud-based software solution that systematically tracks, manages and optimizes mobile computers – across all locations – throughout the operational lifecycle and the return to the manufacturer authorization process.

    The enterprise asset management solution is both software and hardware agnostic, which means that it supports Android and iOS operating systems as well as devices from any manufacturer, including Honeywell.

    “Honeywell Operational Intelligence gives a competitive edge by providing analytics across a company’s fleet of devices to make smart decisions in real time,” said Peter Howes, president of Honeywell’s Productivity Products business.“This solution helps companies reduce technology costs, streamline IT processes and is designed to be the only portal for mobile asset management a company would ever need.”

    The solution also provides actionable insights to help avoid unnecessary spending on additional equipment and ensuring devices in the field are ready to perform. Honeywell Operational Intelligence gives companies visibility within their device pool to:

    Reduce costly unnecessary returns. As many as one in four devices shipped to service centers are found to be in good working condition and do not need repairs. The costs associated with servicing working devices – which includes shipping, handling, labor, diagnostics – could be on average $75 per device.

    Right-size spare device inventory. Companies can reduce capital expenditures for spare devices by actively managing spares pool usage and historical trends rather than arbitrarily and through guesswork.

    Right-place assets. Companies can reduce expenditures by knowing device utilization across sites, producing visibility to move underutilized assets to facilities that require more devices.

    Consolidated returns processes into one efficient system. Companies can create operational improvements and simplify operations by consolidating tools and processes from different vendors.

    Verify adherence to vendor return contracts. Companies can reduce risk and improve operations by combining process workflow and service-level agreement contract information to monitor contract adherence and compare vendor performance.

    “We have been perfecting the asset management process for decades across our worldwide ecosystem and customer base and have millions of devices we use and support in almost every industry in every possible condition,” Howes said. “Knowing the disposition of every device can make the difference of whether you have successful outcomes in every workplace, every shift, every workflow and every worker.”

    Honeywell OperationalIntelligence is included in the Honeywell Marketplace, an enterprise app store designed to provide businesses with direct access to software and solutions developed by Honeywell and third-party developers. To access the Honeywell Marketplace and view software solutions, please visit marketplace.honeywell.com.


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    Whitney Ellis