BendixKing Offers New Cockpit Upgrades For Over 6,000 Cessna Aircraft

    OSHKOSH, Wis., July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BendixKing, a business unit of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), is launching a new cockpit retrofit, modification and upgrade (RMU) program for over 6,000 Cessna single-engine piston aircraft. The affordable and flexible program replaces legacy avionics with advanced upgrades to help Cessna operators modernize their aircraft.

    Cessna has over 6,000 single-engine piston aircraft equipped with BendixKing avionics. These aircraft and many others in Cessna's pilot training and recreation line can have their life extended through BendixKing's new upgrade offerings. These include AeroVue Touch, which is a primary flight display with a high-definition touchscreen that improves safety and reduces pilot workload by consolidating all essential flight information onto one screen and making all critical functions accessible with one or two touches. Cessna operators can also upgrade with AeroNav, a multifunction touchscreen navigator that improves flight efficiency, and AeroPoint 200, a powerful engine analyzer and display that optimizes performance and includes Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast compliant solutions.

    "BendixKing strives to provide advanced cockpit upgrades that operators can easily install to improve performance of their current aircraft," said Gregg Cohen, president, BendixKing. "This program gives Cessna pilots access to affordable technology that has the features and functionality of much larger aircraft. By upgrading to our latest cockpit solutions, operators can modernize and increase the longevity of their aircraft."

    The program offers options for either a full RMU or a subset RMU, giving customers options to upgrade anything from single products to their entire aircraft panel.

    Additional benefits of BendixKing's cockpit upgrades

    Cessna operators will be able to improve safety, and streamline and simplify the flight process, with the following solutions:

    • AeroVue Touch: A low-cost display that offers powerful and intuitive touchscreen capabilities and a near-4K resolution — the highest available in the general aviation segment. The display lets pilots seamlessly upload flight information via Wi-Fi and includes advanced technologies like Honeywell's SmartView® synthetic vision system, 2-D and 3-D moving maps, visual flight rules sectional charts, and instrument flight rules high- and low-altitude charts.
    • AeroNav: This multifunction touchscreen navigator provides two ways for pilots to access flight control functions: a highly advanced touchscreen or knobs and buttons for screen access during turbulence. This lessens head-down time an average of over 60% by reducing button pushes and knob twists. AeroNav's Wide Area Augmentation System-enabled flight management system is intuitive and easy to use, allowing pilots to make flight plans in the aircraft and offline. It also has weather, traffic and terrain monitoring capabilities that improve flight safety and efficiency.
    • AeroPoint 200: An advanced and accurate display system that allows pilots to monitor, maintain and optimize their engine to improve performance. Acting as an on-board engineer, the system displays critical information for a variety of engines and alerts operators of issues. This primary engine display is a replacement for older, electromechanical displays.

    To learn more about this program and see BendixKing's latest cockpit upgrade offerings, stop by the BendixKing Pavilion near Exhibit Hangar B during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019.

    Note to Editors:

    The full RMU package option includes two AeroVue Touch systems, an AeroNav 900, an AeroNav 800, an audio panel, a remote transponder, the KI 300 and an engine display.

    Subset RMUs can include — but are not limited to — a single AeroVue Touch display, AeroNav, AeroPoint, AeroCruze 100, etc.

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