Honeywell Rugged Tablet Sets New Standard for Mobile Warehouse, Manufacturing and Field Services Workers

    All-in-one RT10 tablet gives mobile workers one device to scan close and long range, view data, take notes and complete other complex tasks

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 27, 2020 -- Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced a powerful all-in-one enterprise rugged tablet with breakthrough data capture technology designed to increase worker productivity and retention in a new era of connectivity.

    From managers and supervisors to forklift drivers and any employee in between, the Honeywell RT10 rugged tablet is intended for rapid user adoption and is ready to fit into daily workflows. The 10.1-inch tablet features Honeywell’s FlexRange™ dual imager, capable of data capture scans of less than five inches (0.1 meters) out to 33 feet (10 meters), so users can easily capture barcodes from various distances without having to waste time getting close enough for a scan.

    “The rugged tablet industry is a crowded, billion-dollar space, and Honeywell’s RT10 tablet stands out from the competition as a game changer for businesses that need employees to carry a single device that can do it all,” said Kevin Dehoff, president of Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “Our integrated FlexRange scan imager can eliminate the need for employees to carry multiple devices for data capture, and the tablet’s ease of use allows for workflows to be completed faster.”

    The FlexRange scan engine features two complete optical paths, which, unlike competitive products, have no moving parts, enabling it to simultaneously capture near and far range images without latency. The two optical paths cover very short range to long range typical of warehouse pallet racks, often giving users the flexibility of using a single device for all use cases while enabling dual-image software applications that leverage dual narrow and wide-angle images such as scene validation.

    The tablet, offered for both Android and Windows operating systems, is available with a full range of accessories, including forklift mounts and display docks to port to external monitors.

    The Android-based version is the 10th mobile computer built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform, a unified hardware and software architecture with an integrated software toolset that extends asset life, accelerates deployment and simplifies management of mobility solutions. The only platform that guarantees support through Android 11, Mobility Edge enables IT departments to reuse their investment in solution development and software certification across multiple computer form factors.

    Both can download apps through the Honeywell Marketplace, including Honeywell Smart Talk, a unified workforce communications application that tackles the problem of fragmented communications, with enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, and user presence – all from one device. 

    The tablet can also be connected to the Honeywell Operational Intelligence platform for the workplace, a cloud-based software solution that systematically tracks, manages and optimizes mobile computers throughout the operational lifecycle. New features were recently added to the Operational Intelligence platform to help companies enhance health and safety procedures for mobile workers returning to the workplace.

    Honeywell connects the physical and digital worlds to deliver new and impactful answers to enterprise supply chain challenges. The company has made a big difference for supply chain leaders around the globe – enhancing safety and productivity for more than 500 million workers annually.

    Through careful attention to customer and end-user needs, Honeywell is committed to helping people safely get back to work and back to life. For more information, visit https://www.honeywellaidc.com.

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    Whitney Ellis