Honeywell Launches Security System That Provides Users With Complete Situational Awareness

    • Pro-Watch Intelligent Command is a web-based, user interface
    • Allows end users to monitor and manage security events from a single view
    • Optimizes productivity and reduces operational costs to the business

    ATLANTA, September 23, 2020 – Honeywell [NYSE: HON] today announced the release of Pro-Watch® Integrated Security Suite, a software platform designed to help protect people and property, optimize productivity and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The platform provides complete visibility of all connected systems and the scalability of the software makes it easy to grow with the changing needs of a business.

    Pro-Watch Intelligent Command is a web-based user interface that provides organizations complete situational awareness of their security system to protect people, property and assets. The compliance-driven, enterprise security software platform combines access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and other business critical functions into a single user interface to help to optimize productivity and reduce operational costs. It allows end users to easily scale their enterprise security systems and is easy to deploy. Pro-Watch Intelligent Command is a key element of the Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite. It can also help companies comply with new guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks to create healthier and safer building environments.

    “While security has always been important, to protect people, data or property, now more than ever it’s critical to have complete visibility into all systems to reduce risks,” said Rick Koscinski, Sales Director, Honeywell Commercial Security. “Pro-Watch Intelligent Command is a powerful, yet approachable, solution that brings all security elements together to help facilitate rapid decision making and mitigate risks.”

    Pro-Watch Intelligent Command simplifies system maintenance with remote, bulk camera firmware upgrade & password updates for cameras which in turn increases productivity by reducing operation costs and at the same time helps facilitate regulatory compliance. It includes end–to-end TLS 1.2 between video and access systems for enhanced Cyber compliance cybersecurity, as well as enhanced data privacy through anonymization selective masking. Pro-Watch Intelligent Command also enables compliance with the most stringent industry regulations and enables operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by providing an incident workflow package that allows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be configured, reducing both compliance exceptions and security risks.

    Pro-Watch Intelligent Command is designed to support the complexities of a global, multi-site enterprise organization but is flexible enough to support a single building. Additional Pro-Watch Intelligent Command benefits:

    • Meets business needs: Improves situational awareness for video and access systems in a unified interface.
    • Monitors multiple devices: Enables users to load building, city or regional maps into the system, allowing users to access cameras and readers to see alerts and video footage. Incidents and associated workflows can also be configured in the system, allowing SOPs to be monitored.
    • Generates valuable reports: Reduces costs by streamlining the generation of compliance and business intelligence reports. Mapping, alarms, workflows, dashboard reports, and auditing capabilities for the site’s security solutions are available from a single interface.
    • Provides versatile tools: Features new and enhanced video analytics and management tools, providing high-quality evidence of compliance with regulations.
    • Integrates with other systems: Integrates easily with third party systems to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

    Honeywell creates trusted, proven security solutions that protect and connect buildings, businesses and people. From access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection, we offer robust, global integrated solutions for organizations to help protect staff and property, optimize productivity and comply with strict industry regulations all while reducing operational costs. Our goal is to keep people and places safe through software and products that are created with a secure-by-design approach.

    For additional information on Pro-Watch Intelligent Command and the Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite visit https://hwll.co/PW50.

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