Honeywell Makes Building Management Easier for Small- to Medium-Sized Buildings

    • New fully cloud-enabled, easy-to-deploy building management system gives better insight into small- to medium-sized building performance
    • Enables scalable, outcome-based central building portfolio management to improve occupant comfort and operational productivity

    ATLANTA – December 7, 2020 Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a global leader in connected buildings, today launched Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator powered by Honeywell Forge, an affordable and scalable building portfolio management system designed specifically for small- to medium-sized buildings. The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator can save users up to 30% in facility energy costs1, improve visibility into building portfolio performance, and help facility managers optimize occupant comfort, operational performance and asset management.

    More than 90% of the U.S. commercial building stock consists of properties under 50,000 square feet and most of these buildings lack a proper building management system (BMS) to manage energy usage.2 Unlike competitive products that are either traditional BMS solutions built for large-scale, complex buildings or simple heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control system designed for residential use, the Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator allows multi-site businesses the ability to drive smarter building operations and meet compliance requirements.  

    Based on the Honeywell Forge enterprise performance management platform, Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator is a fully customizable, plug-and-play solution that is easy to install, maintain and manage that provides insights into building portfolio operations and efficiency.

    “Businesses that operate a portfolio of small- and medium-sized locations are facing greater challenges than ever and want to create a comfortable, safer and healthier environment for their employees and guests,” said Peter Fehl, president of Building Management Systems, Honeywell Building Technologies. “Managing costs is a significant factor for these businesses yet they currently lack the right resource to easily and centrally manage multiple building sites. With the Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator, these businesses can improve their operations and business continuity and drive better energy savings.”

    Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator aggregates data from a wireless ecosystem of hardware, including: a color touchscreen thermostat, a Smart IO module and wireless sensors into a secure, cloud-based dashboard that provides insights on occupant comfort, operational productivity and portfolio management.

    • Occupant Comfort: Identify opportunities to improve the occupant experience with a Comfort Index ranking that pinpoints areas that need attention and manage temperature controls remotely with mobile app.
    • Operational Productivity: Minimize unplanned downtime with intelligent alarm management feature that provides visibility into a business’ most important assets, such as coolers or freezers, with sensing capabilities and allows for prioritization of alarms.
    • Portfolio Management: Stay connected to all building locations from anywhere with intuitive, scalable central building management and manage compliance to corporate standards or local regulations.

    It can alert potential energy consumption issues, for example, it will identify a location that consumes a significant amount of energy or is not meeting the designated set point. The system features dashboards that display trends and can be access via PC or mobile device to allow users to optimize efficiencies and keep employees and guests comfortable, from anywhere.

    The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator will also work with the Honeywell MAXPRO Cloud Solutions security portfolio, providing building owners with integrated building management, access control, intrusion and video security through intuitive physical and software user interfaces.

    The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator is ideal for small- to medium-buildings such as banking, retail, convenience stores, restaurants, grocery, medical clinics, education or government facilities. For more information, please visit https://hwll.co/ye6eu.

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    1Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Impacts of Commercial Building Controls on Energy Savings and Peak Load Reduction, May 2017 [Accessed November 17, 2020]

    2Energy Star, ENERGY STAR for small- and medium-sized office buildings [Accessed October 23, 2020]

    Megan McGovern

    Honeywell Building Technologies