New Honeywell Software-as-a-Service Offering Supports Deskless Workers With Better Productivity And Remote Assistance

    Honeywell Forge Worker Assist helps petrochemicals leader Braskem Idesa improve decision making, boost worker efficiency and enhance operational performance

    ATLANTA, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) unveiled today a new mobility application that enables deskless workers in the manufacturing, real estate, aviation and industrial process industries such as mining, refining, chemicals and oil and gas to receive remote assistance in the field. Honeywell Forge Worker Assist is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based application that accelerates the resolution of issues, increases efficiency with tasks such as inspections and quality audits, and aims to empower employees to further develop job competencies.

    Honeywell Forge Worker Assist provides a collaborative environment for deskless workers to interact with remote peers and experts as they perform activities in the field. The cloud-based software allows for video and audio peer-to-peer and multiparty communication enhanced with media, file sharing, screen sharing, remote camera control and text messaging.

    Braskem Idesa, a Brazilian and Mexican manufacturer of thermoplastic resins and petrochemicals, implemented Honeywell Forge Worker Assist at its Petrochemical Complex, the largest in Latin America for the production of ethylene, high- and low-density polyethylene in Veracruz, Mexico. Honeywell Forge Worker Assist bridges the communication gap between Braskem Idesa's operational and field teams, allowing them to interact and share information. It also enables frontline workers to receive assistance from remote colleagues to learn on the go as they perform their daily tasks.

    "Braskem Idesa is committed to investing in the best workforce productivity tools in the petrochemical industry," said Roberto Velasco Gutiérrez, industrial director, Braskem Idesa. "By collaborating with Honeywell in the field testing of connected worker technologies, we provide our workforce with access to the latest developments for them to remain productive and safe as they perform their daily tasks."

    The hardware agnostic application can work on most Android or iOS devices – including tablets, smartphones, intelligent wearables, laptops or ruggedized mobile computers – allowing companies to deploy with existing technology infrastructure and scale quickly to accommodate new users.

    "Using Honeywell Forge Worker Assist as a communications channel between field personnel and control rooms enables collaboration between deskless workers and remote experts to improve overall productivity," said Anand Vishnubhotla, chief product officer, Honeywell Connected Industrial. "It integrates field workers into a company's digital transformation by providing an environment to develop and sustain their skills."

    Honeywell Forge Worker Assist is part of Honeywell Forge, the company's enterprise performance management software. Honeywell Forge is purpose-built on a native edge-to-cloud with data-driven architecture meant to accelerate digital transformation in a wide array of industries.

    For more information about Honeywell Forge Worker Assist, visit https://hwll.co/workforceproductivity.

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