Statement on U.S. Army Chinook Fleet

    Honeywell has partnered with the U.S. Army to investigate incidents surrounding the T-55 engine and the grounding of some Chinook Aircraft. In full coordination with the U.S. Army, Honeywell helped discover that O-rings not meeting Honeywell design specifications had been installed in some T55 engines during routine and scheduled maintenance at an Army Depot. It is believed these suspect O-Rings have been identified and isolated. The U.S. Army and Honeywell were able to validate that none of the questionable O-rings originated or were part of any Honeywell production or Honeywell-overhauled engines. Joint U.S. Army and Honeywell engineers identified the issue, and are now working with the Army to provide replacement O-rings on all affected Chinooks. Honeywell has been committed to supporting U.S. Army Aviation and the Army’s service men and women for more than 60 years, and that commitment will not waver.

    Bevin Maguire