Honeywell Recognized For Exceptional Design With Prestigious Red Dot And iF Design Awards

    With a continued commitment to creating differentiated end-to-end experiences, ten Honeywell products were honored among thousands of entries

    ATLANTA, June 1, 2023 -- Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) announced today it was selected as a winner of 10 product design awards, marking recognition for the company by two of the largest and most industry-recognized award programs, the Red Dot Design Awards and the International Forum (iF) Design Awards. These product-specific accolades celebrate Honeywell’s ongoing commitment to providing a best-in-class user experience that supports building and worker safety and improves efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

    Since 2017, Honeywell has won more than 60 international design awards which recognize the skills of the Honeywell User Experience (HUE) team, a collaborative group of designers around the world who partner to drive value in the design process. The HUE team is dedicated to creating user-focused solutions by combining insights from and observations of key customers with deep domain knowledge, comprehensive understanding of technologies and a co-design approach with users from start to finish.

    “Winning the Red Dot Design and iF Design awards is a testament to Honeywell’s commitment to creating innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use products and solutions,” said Raj Palanivel, director of User Experience Design, Honeywell Building Technologies. “Our HUE team is continuously at the forefront of innovation and to us innovation is not complete if it is not practical. Our focus is understanding the needs of our customers – while also incorporating differentiated end-to-end experiences – is a critical characteristic within designing products and digital solutions for buildings across the world.”

    The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions, awarded each year to organizations that distinguish their business activities through design. Expert juries in the areas of Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concepts award Red Dot designations. Similarly, the iF Design Award has been a global marker of quality design since 1952 and is internationally recognized as a symbol of design excellence. This year’s iF awards were highly competitive, with nearly 11,000 entrants from 56 countries competing for recognition.

    Winning products from Honeywell include:

    • TR50 Indoor Air Quality Sensor (Red Dot and iF Design winners), an advanced, configurable device for commercial buildings that can monitor temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and total volatile organic compounds.
    • GLSS CN | NFS3-3030 Fire Safety Control (iF Design winner), an intelligent fire alarm and control system, compatible with most environment limits and a scalable design that can meet different customer requirements, optimizing pain-points in the fire industry.
    • Trend BMS Controller Platform (iF Design winner), a scalable building automation solution for the needs of today’s buildings; providing a simple to install/administer end-to-end encrypted comms system, fast fit connections between devices and the ability to reuse existing control applications, all leading to a more secure and lower risk installation.
    • The HOA UX design (iF Design winner), used on Honeywell HVAC control systems, the solution is designed for different building sizes and business types, covering end-to-end engineering jobs with optimized installation, commissioning and maintenance processes.
    • Utility Safety Harness (Red Dot winner), specifically designed for utility workers, this safety harness offers fall protection for workers in high-risk environments, while helping ensure maximum comfort. The ergonomic design innovations enhance freedom of movement and help minimize negative health effects and musculoskeletal disorders, particularly in the back and waist.
    • OmniPoint® Gas Detector (Red Dot winner), a fixed gas detection device designed for industrial applications such as oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical settings. It incorporates a touchscreen that can be used even while workers are wearing thick industrial gloves, and a bright signal light on the display to clearly indicate the device status from a distance. Users can also interact with the gas detector remotely using a mobile app to monitor area safety in real-time, helping protect workers from both toxic and combustible gas hazards.
    • PrismShield™ Plus Face Shield (Red Dot winner), helping protect utility line and electrical workers, the PrismShield Plus face shield uses a one-piece, double-curved design to provide users with a large viewing window to look down more easily and enhance their side-to-side peripheral vision. It also allows for increased user comfort and reduced fogging using vents that direct fresh air inside of the face shield.
    • Honeywell Miller Söll VR670 (Red Dot winner), this new detachable fall arrester is for workers who climb ladders equipped with the Söll Glideloc vertical rail system. It allows workers to connect to the rail at any point, helping them conduct spontaneous repair, inspection or rescue operations.
    • Honeywell Miller Söll VC510 and Söll VC570 (Red Dot winners), these new fall arresters are designed for workers who climb ladders equipped with Honeywell’s Söll Vi-Go vertical cable system. Workers connect the device to the sternal ring of their harnesses to the vertical cable that runs along the ladder so that they do not need to repeatedly secure themselves with hooks and lanyards. The Söll VC570 is a premium fall arrester and can be operated with one hand and has a redundant locking mechanism.

    About Honeywell

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    Dawn Wotapka