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    You need a clear carbon-reduction strategy and a partner to help with a strategic plan to drive toward your sustainability goals.

    Target Carbon Neutrality with Honeywell End-to-End Emissions Management

    A business can’t manage what they can’t measure, and a comprehensive emissions management process, with speed and accuracy, is critical. Traditional methods to reduce emissions are labor intensive and require extensive time to develop insight for reporting requirements. Organizations will benefit from a partner that can provide a one-stop shop emissions management solution and that’s where we come in:


    Employ technology and automation at the sensor level to gather emissions data from your plant operations. Automation and digitization create labor saving efficiencies in the data collection process and increases workforce safety.

    Monitor & Report

    Monitor emissions using a centralized software that coordinates and simplifies workflow by orchestrating data from sensing sources, while calculating and aggregating near real-time emissions information to deliver transparency and status across the organization.


    Once a baseline of emissions and energy usage is established, an execution partner can help identify which areas require improvement and which tactics will support your sustainability targets.

    Technology Solutions for Emissions Reduction

    Honeywell offers a complete range of solutions at each stage of your Sustainability journey to include near real-time reporting, the ability to track scope 1 and 2 emissions, and a consolidated system of record.

    Learn more about the solutions in our Emissions Management Suite:

    Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Industrials | Emissions Management is a unifying Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that seamlessly coordinates data flow from Honeywell and third-party measurement devices to foster rapid “reconciliation”.  The platform makes it easier to make the data available for existing and new workflows and perform greenhouse gas calculations (including methane) for emission inventories, intensities, tracking against targets and key performance indicators, as well as select reporting standards published by agencies and sustainability disclosure frameworks (i.e., UN OGMP 2.0). This framework creates clarity for intelligent decision making for internal stakeholders and transparency for external stakeholders.

    Honeywell provides intelligent, automated visual monitoring solutions that integrate with Honeywell’s Software-as-a-Service framework. Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI), with optical gas imaging, can provide wide area/site level coverage and monitor 20+ gases, while Honeywell Versatilis™ Signal Scout™ is a new innovative gas leak detection technology for methane emissions monitoring across industries. Communication is based on LoRaWAN® protocol for large area coverage.

    The Emissions 360 services program by Honeywell is a tailored, outcome-based program aimed at assisting customers in addressing their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions targets. This service offers enhanced support for integrated plant assets and is designed to provide the physical location, duration, and size of GHG emissions to help organizations prioritize corrective actions that improve site productivity and profitability, while reducing maintenance costs. The Emissions 360 services program can help with compliance reporting and support on leak management.

    Once a baseline is established, your business can measure progress against your reduction goals at the asset, site, or enterprise level. Honeywell offers a unique set of products to help optimize processes and reduce emissions. Process optimization and energy efficiency tools like digital twin, used for “what-if” scenario analysis, help improve design and operation to reduce emissions, while flare gas recovery systems are intended for flare avoidance. Additionally, tailored options that can help meet your specific sustainability journey include carbon capture, improved electrolyzer hydrogen production from catalyst coated membranes & end-use hydrogen-ready burners, renewable fuels (i.e. eco-fining biomass to biofuels), and energy storage.

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