GHG Emissions Management Webinar

    Learn how innovative technology can help you to measure, monitor, report and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.

    In this webinar, we are joined by our guest, PwC, to dive into the risks and challenges that methane emissions pose to energy companies today and in the future.

    Key highlights of this Webinar include:

    1. Industry-specific challenges and key pain points related to methane emissions, including IRA penalties, lost revenue from gas leaks, and safety concerns.
    2. Key insights and expertise on the latest advancements in enterprise SaaS software to measure, monitor and report GHG emissions; sensing technology for Proactive Leak & Emissions Detection & remediation; and emission reduction enabling technologies.
    3. The compelling business case for emissions management, emphasizing the potential cost savings, operational efficiencies, and benefits for players in the Industrial verticals.

    Meet the Presenters

    Ayan Sarkar

    Business Development & Global Partnerships, Honeywell

    Ayan has 20+ years’ experience in industrial and technology companies. Ayan is focused on helping industrial customers measure, monitor, report and reduce their carbon footprint in order to meet their Net Zero goals by leveraging decarbonization technologies.

    Deanna Haines

    Sustainability & Industry SME, Sr. Director, Honeywell

    Deanna Haines joins Honeywell from the energy utility industry where she led engineering, environmental services & policy groups and developed decarbonization strategies. She has served on multiple committees, including BACT SRC, ICCR, and the American Gas Association’s Environmental Matters Committee, to name a few. Deanna holds a certificate in CSR from Pepperdine University.

    Chris Leavell

    ESG Consulting, Director, PwC

    Chris is a Houston, Texas based Director in PwC’s ESG Consulting Solutions practice, with experience corporate transformation, strategy, ESG management system design / development and EH&S permitting and compliance.

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