Introducing the Honeywell Smart Building Score

Take the guesswork out of business intelligence with the Honeywell Smart Building Score™. This unique global index helps you gauge the ways technology can make your building green, safe, and productive.

Smart Buildings Are Smart Business

Your building is more than four walls and a ledger entry – it’s a thriving structure where people work and live. And with the right technology, it’s one of your smartest assets, helping you streamline costs and operations while enriching daily life for your tenants.

What Makes a Building Smart?

By connecting your systems and equipment to a universal network and the right software, you gain sophisticated real-time control of your building, from lighting, HVAC, and energy usage to access, security, and other critical systems. And this enables you to provide tenants with cutting-edge amenities.

How Smart Is Your Building?

Honeywell evaluated 500 buildings in seven U.S. cities and rated them on three key categories that define smart buildings: green, safe, and productive.

On a scale on 1 to 100 the average smart building score is 35.

It’s time for a smarter standard that puts your building to work for you.

Connect to Better Results

A connected building uses networked systems and data analytics to automate operations and solve business problems. From optimizing the flow of people through a facility to automatically adjusting lighting for occupancy levels, smart buildings drive smart outcomes.



Green buildings come in every size, shape, and color.

When your building adjusts your energy usage to your real-time needs, you know you’ve made the right connections. How? With automated monitoring and control of systems such as adaptive heating and cooling, high-efficiency electrical and plumbing, and more.


A safe building is a sound investment for everyone.

When you value the people living and working inside your buildings, safety and security monitoring systems give everyone the confidence and peace of mind they need to remain focused and productive. Secure buildings ensure people and employees feel protected.


An intelligent building helps your business and tenants do more.

Buildings designed as modern, productive working environments, require the tools and infrastructure necessary to ensure uninterrupted business operations and communications. Connected building controls ensure real-time access to information necessary to spot and prevent potential disruptions.
By the Numbers



An Intelligent Business

Smart buildings drive better business outcomes while enhancing experiences for occupants. Explore this infographic to learn more.