Honeywell drives future connected software innovations helping OEMs optimize and expand their offerings by providing safe, fuel efficient and fun to drive vehicles to their end-customers.

We at Honeywell have already an in-depth experience in Software solutions from our Aerospace and Automation businesses and have the competencies to embed interconnected solutions in future automotive offerings.
cyber sec

Cyber Security

Honeywell offers an onboard-to-offboard Cyber Security watchdog solution for the in-vehicle network. Our connected software informs our Security Operations Center tools and services to detect anomalies, report concerns and protect a global vehicle fleet.

Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM)

Integrated Vehicle Health Management is a comprehensive integrated solution to improve diagnostics and prognostics of intermittent faults and anomalies, reducing 50% unnecessary repairs and costs while optimizing planned vehicle maintenance and logistics.
Test and Measurement Sensors

OnRAMP Powertrain Control and Virtual Sensing

Our award-winning OnRAMP Design and Calibration Suites are being applied to reduce development time, improve fuel economy and increase emissions robustness.