Honeywell has extensive experience in the cyber-physical domain as evidenced by:

• Over 30 years of cyber-physical implementation in aerospace, critical infrastructure, process control industries and home/building Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity
• Over 150 million connected homes (security & intrusion detection; including 2 million IoT-connected thermostats in North America alone) and 10 million connected businesses globally
• Extensive provisioning of government and military Cyber Security implementations
• Existing global Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and/or SOC tools supporting existing cyber customers.

As a well-established automotive provider, Honeywell has extensive relationships with:

• Key government agencies on multiple continents including the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
• Numerous industry ISAC’s: Automotive-ISAC, Industrial-ISAC and Aerospace-ISAC
• The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) including contributions to numerous technical papers and providing expertise in Standards Committees.
Automotive Cyber Security Video
Honeywell’s Intrusion Detection Software (IDS) embedded in the vehicle provides features such as intrusion detection and prevention, anomaly collection and diagnostic port protection.

Honeywell monitors threats 24/7 via an off-board Security Operations Center (SOC) by using advanced analytics to aggregate, classify and correlate events and by using human analysis to provide precise and rapid feedback to customers via online and mobile dashboards to help identify and mitigate automotive Cyber Security threats.
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