Performance Materials and Chemicals

Catalysts for Refining and Petrochemicals


Honeywell catalysts are designed and manufactured to help refiners and petrochemical producers meet the strict product specifications and their production goals.


Honeywell offers the broadest line of refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. 
Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials

Honeywell Electronic Materials has served the semiconductor industry as a leading-edge materials supplier for more than 50 years.
Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

We serve customers worldwide with fine chemicals for applications in research, additives, packaging, pharmaceutical and document authentication.
Solvents, Reagents and Aerosols

Research Chemicals

Our portfolio, including Riedel-de Haën, Burdick & Jackson, and Fluka, provides high-quality, consistent, chemical, and analytical reagents, designed to improve productivity.
Aclar Film

Moisture Barrier Films

Honeywell’s Aclar® barrier films provide high moisture barrier and chemical-resistant pharmaceutical packaging that can reduce overall pack size and protect pharmaceutical drugs.
Spectra Fiber Fishing Lines

High Tenacity Fiber Fishing Lines

Honeywell’s Spectra® fiber lends its strength to high-performance braided fishing lines that are stronger and more durable while being thinner and more sensitive.
Honeywell additives

Specialty Additives

For over 60 years, Honeywell Specialty Additives has been providing one of the most extensive lines of low molecular weight polyolefins in the world. Our products can help you get more performance, cost savings and manufacturing efficiency out of your formulations.