The Path To the World's Most Powerful Quantum Computer

    Here's the story behind our record-setting individual qubit technology

    Honeywell Quantum Solutions has demonstrated record-breaking high fidelity quantum operations on our trapped-ion qubits, a major step towards producing the world's most powerful quantum computer.

    The quality of qubits, and their quantum operations, is described by a metric called fidelity. It is an important feature of any quantum computer because it defines how big of a problem may be solved while maintaining its quantum advantage.

    We have achieved individual qubit operation fidelities of 99.997 percent, currently the best reported performance of any addressable qubit technology.

    In fact, the gates are so precise, that even quantifying their tiny imperfections required sophisticated state-of-the art benchmarking techniques.

    These high-performance operations are a direct result of our deep experience across multiple disciplines including atomic physics, optics and precision control systems. Integrating the methods and hardware used to achieve our results into our first commercial system will provide the most capable quantum information system on the market.