Parallel Quantum Computing with Trapped-ions

    Key steps towards high-throughput quantum computing

    Our Quantum Solutions has demonstrated a key step towards high-throughput quantum operations on a trapped-ion quantum computer.

    We have successfully formed three parallel operating zones, which allows unique quantum gates to be performed on different qubits in each zone simultaneously. The process of implementing parallel, independent zones provides faster quantum algorithm execution times as well as greater options for qubit connectivity. Parallel operating zones are a key differentiating feature of our trapped-ion system and will enable exceptional capability when combined with high-fidelity quantum gates.

    We achieved this success by integrating several classical sub-systems together, including precision optical control which is required for delivering multiple optical beams to form the different operating zones. To date, we have formed qubits in each operating zone and have started optimizing quantum logic gates in each region.

    The techniques used to develop and demonstrate parallel operations can be further scaled to support larger qubit counts and computational steps. This provides Honeywell with tremendous capability for not only our first-generation systems, but also future systems.