Top Ways Our Products Help the Planet

    Earth Day? We work every day to solve problems with renewable and energy efficient answers

    Energy efficiency can inspire innovation. In 2018, we exceeded our public goal of improving our greenhouse gas intensity by more than 10 percent from a 2013 baseline.

    The products we make help people make decisions to help earth. Here are some of them that do just that.

    Hybrid-electric turbogenerator

    What: Aircraft turbogenerator combines HTS900 engine with two mini generators
    How it helps Earth: The turbogenerator produces between 30 percent and 50 percent fewer carbon emissions than traditional engines and can burn biofuels. It is being developed for use in urban air mobility, which includes personal flying vehicles. 

    Vector Space Sense

    What: Software solution that analyzes how building space is used
    How it helps Earth: Building managers can use the space utilization data to address under-used and overcrowded areas. That information allows them to make decisions to be more energy and operationally efficient. 

    Renewable fuels

    What: Honeywell Green Diesel and Honeywell Green Jet Fuels made from renewable resources

    How it helps Earth: The fuels can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85 percent compared to petroleum fuels. They are made from substances, including waste fats and vegetable oils, and inedible crops.

    Gas Monitors

    What: Honeywell Analytics monitors are designed to detect toxic, flammable gases or refrigeration gases
    How it helps Earth: By monitoring gas vapors in commercial buildings and outbuildings, including parking decks, loading docks, boiler rooms and chiller rooms, building managers can take preemptive action to reduce ozone-destroying gases and reduce energy consumption. The monitors also contribute toward a point toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation.