3 Things to Know About Honeywell Robotics

    Check out the details of our new Pittsburgh technology center

    Our new Pittsburgh-based advanced technology center of excellence — Honeywell Robotics — will develop the artificial intelligence and machine learning for warehouse technology.

    Seasoned robotics executive Joseph Lui, who holds 28 patents, will lead the organization.

    “As artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision become commonplace, Honeywell Robotics will create innovative, breakthrough technologies to help customers alleviate skilled labor shortages, reduce safety risks and eliminate inefficient tasks,” Lui said.

    Here’s what you need to know about how our technology center will revolutionize robotics throughout the supply chain industry.

    1. We’ll develop the next generation of warehouse robotics

    Robotics, powered by software, will help throughout the warehouse. 

    Robotics inside warehouses and distribution centers help speed up various processes, such as picking items off a shelf or unloading a truck.

    They also help move products and pallets around warehouses that can be more than 1.5 million square feet.

    That will help ship online orders faster than ever.

    In today’s world of ecommerce, demand for warehouse automation will continue to grow, requiring innovative software to power robotics technology.

    “We are bringing together some of the brightest minds, partnerships and industry collaborations to create breakthrough technological advancements for customers of all sizes, helping meet the ever-changing demands of consumers,” said Pieter Krynauw, president of Honeywell Intelligrated.

    2. We’ll be located in ‘Robotics Row’   

    Our facility will be in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, which has become a technology hub called “Robotics Row.”

    We are excited about our new presence and proud of our history in Pittsburgh - our voice technology business, which makes voice-guided systems has a long legacy in the area.

    We also have a partnership with Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University, collaborating with artificial intelligent researchers at the university.     

    3. We’ll want robotics experts

    We plan to hold hackathon hiring events as part of our efforts to recruit top talent.

    From engineering roles to software and robotics designer positions, we’ll seek innovators with robotics expertise.