3 Programs Empowering Women and Children in India

    Honeywell sponsors community programs that are taking home top honors

    For hundreds of thousands of people across India, Honeywell-sponsored clean drinking water stations and education programs are the key to shaping their futures.

    In celebration of Honeywell's big wins at the 2020 International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival, here’s a look at what our programs mean for women and children throughout India.

    Water Means Freedom

    By simplifying water-gathering duties, iJal water stations allow women to take a larger role in their families and communities.

    For centuries, women in India have carried water to their families. 

    Honeywell, in partnership with Safe Water Network, has built 180 iJal water stations across India. These stations are more conveniently located and easier to use than groundwater wells, freeing women to become more independent and participate in household and community decision-making. 

    In a survey, 76 percent of women reported that they no longer fetch water because men now collect water from the stations.

    Education Means Inspiration

    The Honeywell Center for Advancing Girls in Science serves more than 12,500 students in the city of Pune.

    As a leader in innovation, Honeywell is committed to promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education across the country.

    In 2019, we partnered with Avasara Academy to create the Honeywell Center for Advancing Girls in Science, which brings STEM education to more than 500 girls and 12,000 low-income students in the city of Pune. 

    Another partnership with the Agastya International Foundation brings hands-on science education to 150,000 students and 783 teachers in government schools across 10 cities. This experiential STEM education program is delivered through 25 science centers and 35 mobile science labs.

    Safety Means Empowerment

    The Honeywell Safe Schools program takes a customized approach to school safety, providing plans and education tailored to individual schools.

    Honeywell works with leading child safety partners to educate children, schools, and first responders on how to reduce risks, keeping children safe today so they can thrive tomorrow. 

    The Honeywell Safe Schools program takes a comprehensive approach to school safety. It empowers 83,000 children to become change agents for building resilience in their communities.

    The Safe Kids at Home program uses experiential learning tools to educate children on fire and burn injury prevention. The program has already trained more than half a million children, parents, and teachers in Pune city over the last five years.