Our Scientific Papers

    These quantum publications showcase the quality and diversity of our technology 

    Quantum computing promises to usher in a next-generation of currently unavailable computing solutions from discovering new drugs to addressing climate change. Quantum computers process information using the laws of quantum mechanics and can provide tremendous speedups for certain problems.

    As we bring our quantum computer to market, we continue to innovate and contribute to leading research. Recently, we published several high-impact scientific papers that present new ideas for trapped-ion systems from the underlying hardware components to the high-level programs.

    Subspace Benchmarking High Fidelity Entangling Operations in Trapped IonsOutlines a new way to quickly measure the quality of the computer’s fundamental operations.

    Eliminating Leakage Errors in Hyperfine Qubits Describes a way to use lasers to correct for a type of error that was previously unresolvable.

    High-fidelity light-shift gate for clock-state qubits Introduces a new type of quantum-logic gate for trapped-ion qubits.

    Demonstration of the QCCD trapped-ion quantum computer architecture Shows the first fully integrated implementation of a scalable approach to trapped ion quantum computing.

    Holographic simulation of strongly correlated spin systems Details a novel technique for quantum materials simulations leveraging our unique mid-circuit measurement and reset capabilities.