What is a Xupermask?

    The mask of the future has arrived. 

    Meet the Xupermask – a mask designed in collaboration with will.i.am.

    Technology in the mask makes the mask conducive to modern life, not a frustrating burden as some face coverings can be.

    For example, a built-in noise reducing microphone can allow users to wear the mask and take calls without sounding muffled.

    So what else makes it innovative? Here are the details.

    Smart features

    Beyond the microphone, there are also built-in noise canceling earbuds and the mask can connect to devices like your phone via Bluetooth. Buttons on the mask also allow you to adjust volume. A magnetic docking system stores the earbuds when they’re not in use. The mask can be re-charged with a USB-C cable and the battery lasts up to seven hours.

    Airflow control

    Two round fans in the front of the mask allow for adjustable airflow control with high, medium and low settings. This includes active fan ventilation and active exhaust.  Pleated HEPA air filters can be replaced monthly.

    Comfort and cool

    The Xupermask comes in two universal sizes small/medium and medium/large sizes and has an ergonomic fit. It includes a flexible elastic strap with an adjustable buckle. Plus the fan rings light up – with day-glow LED lights.