Meet a #Futureshaper: Jia Xu

    Fascinated by flight from a young age, Jia is bringing the next mode of air travel to market.

    Jia Xu is developing technology to support urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft, which will make getting around your city and even food and package deliveries more efficient. 

    As the chief technology officer for Honeywell's UAM division, Jia leads teams building propulsion and avionics technologies to support aircraft such as drones and air taxis.

    Get to know more about Jia and his Futureshaper story.

    How do you expect the UAM landscape to transform everyday life?

    Flying taxis (urban air mobility) and drones that fly autonomously (uncrewed aerial systems) will help people who commute on a daily basis, as well as reduce air and noise pollution in cities. 

    How is understanding the connection between people and technology an important part of bringing new innovations to market?

    This position has helped me be part of many demonstrations and evaluations of new technology. Seeing how different individuals react to new technologies is very rewarding, and those connections help us tailor our products to better satisfy their needs.

    What makes someone a Futureshaper?

    It's a person who observes the world, discovers areas of improvement in his surroundings, ideates solutions and implements them, and gradually makes a better world.

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