Interns Share Top Takeaways From Their Summers

    Today's early career professionals are future leaders in pivotal areas like data science, engineering, supply chain and beyond. Get to know what some of these up-and-coming innovators have been up to in their internships.

    Internships are a great way to explore different industries, build your skillset and begin to forge your career path

    We caught up with 12 interns at Honeywell who shared how they plan to apply the experiences they've had to their next steps as professionals.

    "This internship has truly shown me what I want for my future career while also teaching me more about myself," cybersecurity intern Jody Askren said.

    "Being here and having these opportunities has been a great step forward for me. These opportunities have been extremely validating to me in feeling like I've earned my spot to be in these spaces," IT intern Madison Apoderado said.

    Get to know a bit about some of our interns and what they've been up to by clicking on their profiles below.