Meet A #Futureshaper: Michael Kennelly

    Michael's work in sheet manufacturing helps reduce waste in critical operations like battery production.

    The world needs lithium-ion batteries to power technologies like electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

    How can batteries be made more efficiently?

    Just ask Michael Kennelly, a sheet manufacturing regional business leader spearheading innovative methods to produce products like batteries with less scrap, allowing manufacturers to operate more efficiently. 

    Get to know Michael and his #Futureshaper story.

    What is sheet manufacturing?

    Sheet manufacturing is about measuring and controlling the manufacturing of flat sheets of material.

    Advanced measurement and automation solutions can help lead to safer operations and more efficient manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, as well as in the films, metals and coatings industry and the pulp and paper industry.

    This is especially important as demand grows for products in these industries. With battery production, Honeywell technologies can help manufacturers produce batteries with less scrap so they can ramp up production and meet the needs of the energy transition.

    What is your personal connection to sustainability?

    Growing up on a farm, I got an appreciation for nature at a young age. I still have real clear memories of being up very early in the morning out in the fields on a still summer morning, feeling the wonder of the world. I think everybody's entitled to their version of that story.

    Additionally, cycling has been part of my life from a very young ago, and I live really on the verge of a very large forest. I like to go out on the bicycle with my wife and my kids. I want to have a better world for my children, and when I come to work, I can have a positive impact.

    How do you try to embody the meaning of being a #Futureshaper?

    Being empowered to make a positive impact on the future is very motivating for me but also for the teams that I work with and that sense of purpose supports us to achieve great things together.

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