ESG Report 2023: By the Numbers

    Get the highlights from the 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, focusing on how Honeywell integrates ESG principles into its strategy, culture and innovation.

    Having a sound Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) foundation is increasingly important for businesses and investors, as it reflects how a company manages its environmental impact, social responsibility and ethical conduct.

    Honeywell’s 2023 ESG Report documents the progress made in these areas and how they impact our operations, employees, shareholders and communities.

    From using the latest technologies to complete innovative remediation projects that better our communities to investing in programs aimed at increasing access of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, commitment to ESG is at the core of being a Futureshaper.

    Here are some of the key figures we shared in this year’s ESG Report:

    1,250 metric tons – The approximate greenhouse gas reductions made in 2022 when Honeywell completed 38 projects across its portfolio to upgrade its compressed air and gas systems 

    60% – Allocation of 2022 new product research and development investment that was directed toward ESG-oriented outcomes1

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    165 million – The total water in gallons conserved in water-stressed regions through more than 185 projects since 2013

    3,000 – The approximate acreage that Honeywell has remediated and restored over the last 19 years, including roughly 2,800 acres of biodiverse habitat – such as preserved, restored, enhanced and created wetlands; water and land habitat restoration, enhancement, creation and preservation; and creation of green spaces with native ecosystems

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    13,000 – Number of laptops that Honeywell committed to donate to North Carolina non-profit organization Eliminate the Digital Divide, which gives students affordable access to essential at-home technology and digital literacy training to support academic success. The gift will directly impact 40,000 people in North Carolina, with computers provided by the organization being used by an average of 3.2 family members per home. 

    More than 80 – Jobs and internships offered to students through the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) in 2022 through the NSBE and Honeywell Integrated Pipeline Program, part of a three-year partnership that focuses on STEM education for youth, collegiate scholarships and professional development

    3,000 – Students Honeywell has sponsored to attend its Leadership Challenge Academy, a week-long educational and immersive camp experience at the US Space and Rocket Center, since 2010.

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    26 – Honeywell locations that achieved ISO 50001, the global energy management systems standard for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving energy management

    6,300 – Sustainability projects that have been implemented at Honeywell facilities since beginning project tracking in 2010

    Explore the full 2023 ESG Report for more stories and information on Honeywell’s environmental, social and governance commitments and progress.  


    1Methodology for identifying ESG-oriented solutions is available at investor.honeywell.com (see ESG/ESG information/identification of ESG-Oriented Offerings)