Meet a #Futureshaper: AJ Fowowe

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are important to the future of transportation. Sensors that help enhance safety and efficiency in EVs are even more critical. Meet Futureshaper AJ, who helps bring these sensing solutions to life.

    New technologies are steering the course toward electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

    Advancements in sensors, for example, are helping to enhance safety and performance of EV batteries. Ajibola "AJ" Fowowe is one of the leaders bringing these sensing solutions to the real world. When he's not helping customers in their journeys to transition to clean energy sources, AJ spends his time enjoying the outdoors and running.

    "I get on the trail, go for a really nice run – and it just relaxes my mind and helps me become the best version of myself, which is a Futureshaper," AJ said.

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    What do you do?

    As a global offering manager, I am responsible for overseeing a comprehensive sensor portfolio dedicated to enhancing the performance and safety of electric vehicles through battery management systems. These sensors are strategically placed in various key locations within an EV, ensuring that the vehicle operates safely within predefined parameters.

    What does being a #Futureshaper mean to you?

    I am working on technologies that will influence how we transition to a sustainable future.

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