The Future Is... AI and the Next Big Breakthroughs

    Our SVP and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Suresh Venkatarayalu discusses all things generative artificial intelligence (AI) and what it could mean for new and existing technologies and future engineers.

    Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is not new to Honeywell.

    From Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that enable building automation – making buildings healthier and safer for occupants – to asset-management software, which can help industrial operations monitor and respond to possible issues like equipment failures before downtime occurs, the capabilities of AI and ML are already at work in the real world.

    Current and future advancements in generative AI could help further innovation even more, and it has potential to change the way we collaborate, learn and solve problems.

    Hear Honeywell Senior Vice President and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Suresh Venkatarayalu discuss all things AI in this episode of "The Future Is..." podcast.

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