By the Numbers: What Workers Expect From Buildings

    Findings from the 2023 Healthy Buildings Survey indicate occupants' concerns and expectations around the buildings where they work, from air quality to sustainability.

    Do you worry about the air you're breathing when you're at work – whether that's in a warehouse, school, hospital, office, or another indoor setting?

    Building occupants are increasingly concerned with indoor air quality (IAQ), which can be impacted by various factors, including microscopic particles, CO2, temperature and humidity, according to findings from Honeywell's third-annual Healthy Buildings Survey.

    Conducted by Wakefield Research, the 2023 Healthy Buildings Survey included 2,500 office workers in Germany, India, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the United States who work in buildings with 500 or more employees.

    In last year's survey, the majority of respondents expressed that indoor air quality (IAQ) was the top concern they had regarding returning to work in buildings. This year's results show that occupants continue to be concerned about the air quality in buildings where they work. This year, the survey also focused on how concerned occupants are about their buildings' environmental impact.

    Get a preview of some of the key figures from this year’s Healthy Buildings Survey.