The Future Is... The Global Supply Chain and What's Next

    Torsten Pilz, our SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer, talks all things supply chain, from global trends to autonomous operations.

    Supply chains have been in recovery mode after a disruptive past few years. Now, the focus is shifting to growth and resilience.

    Our Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer Torsten Pilz joined "The Future Is..." Podcast to share his insights on the state of the supply chain globally, and what the future holds for organizations including Honeywell that are embarking on supply chain transformations – and what they entail.  

    Listen to the episode for discussion on:

    • The journey that is supply chain transformation – and what organizations can expect on that multi-year path

    • How AI integration in supply chain operations is helping to increase efficiency  

    • Supply chain as a business growth driver

    • The role of supply chain operations in decarbonization efforts

    • Why it’s never been a more exciting time to pursue a career in supply chain – and what early career professionals can expect in supply chain roles

    Tune in to the episode here. 

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