Honeywell Adds Video Alarm Verification to Key Connected Building Offerings



    • AlarmNet® communications network expands integration with I-View Now™ technology for Video Alarm Verification (VAV) for the Performance Series DVR and NVR offerings
    • Expanded VAV portfolio helps to verify alarms and reduce false alarms

    Feb. 14, 2017 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has enhanced several key commercial products with cloud-based, video alarm verification (VAV) technology to help verify alarm severity and combat one of the security industry's most-common challenges: false alarms. The company's AlarmNet communications network has expanded its integration with the patented I-View Now VAV technology through Honeywell's Performance Series DVR and NVR offerings, in addition to other video recording products.

    The integration can help central station operators gather more information through pre-alarm video footage allowing them to look in and assess the cause and severity of an event helping to curb false alarms and provide emergency responders with the information they need prior to arrival onsite. This is especially critical as many U.S. police departments are treating verified alarms as higher priorities for response.

    For security professionals, AlarmNet's expanded integration with I-View Now helps to make an easier and quicker installation, and provides greater opportunity for recurring monthly revenue (RMR). For instance, integration with AlarmNet quickly transmits alarms and eliminates the need for physical relay devices, which helps save time during installation. The devices can also be monitored remotely to detect problems such as video loss by channel, masked cameras, and other system health issues.

    “Responding to false alarms can drain huge amounts of resources and money, not to mention trust in security systems,” said Alice DeBiasio, general manager of Cloud Services, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “With video alarm verification, operators can avoid the guesswork, helping peace-of-mind and ensuring real security threats are being met as efficiently as possible.”

    In 2015, Honeywell announced AlarmNet's first VAV integration with I-View Now to support Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services and the Performance Series. Expanding the VAV portfolio allows security dealers and central stations to offer a wider range of choices that include analog or IP Video, DVR and NVR solutions to help expand and differentiate their connected home and business offerings.

    The following products are now supported by AlarmNet and are I-View Now ready:

    • Performance Series HQA DVR: High quality analog DVRs provide high-resolution images without having to replace analog infrastructure using high-definition over Coax (HDoC) technology (available on nine cameras and DVRs).
    • Performance Series Embedded NVR: Honeywell's IP embedded NVR gives customers more flexibility when designing customized IP video systems. Available in four, eight or 16 channel models, the embedded NVRs are compatible with Honeywell's equIP® Series and Performance Series IP cameras.
    • HRGX Performance Series DVR: The HRGX embedded digital video recorder is part of Honeywell's Performance Series lineup of feature-rich cameras and DVRs providing affordable video surveillance solutions for a wide range of everyday security applications. Available in four, eight or 16 channel models.
    • Honeywell Total Connect® Remote Services: Honeywell Total Connect IP cameras offer live video look-in and provide event-based video clips for real-time awareness.

    No extra hardware or installation service is required for use. For more information, please call 1-800-323-4576 or visit www.honeywellvideo.com or www.totalconnecttoolkit.com.

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