Honeywell Expands Supply Chain Software Suite To Help Enterprises Better Track And Monitor Operations

    Real-time supply chain visibility, data analytics and unified communications tools allow mobile workers to make key decisions to increase workplace productivity and business profitability

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 15, 2021 – With supply chains becoming more dependent on mobile workers to meet productivity goals, Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced a suite of enhanced supply chain software, featuring digital disruptors, to provide a powerful solution to increase efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences.

    The supply chain suite, which can be installed on Honeywell mobile computers, is designed to help mobile workers throughout the retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transportation and logistics industries become more productive and make actionable decisions.

    The company has partnered with FarEye, a low-code SaaS platform, to provide its intelligent delivery management software as a service platform to Honeywell mobile computer users. FarEye allows mobile workers with devices to manage, visually track and monitor delivery logistics operations. 

    “With the exponential increase in customer demands, technological advancements and fierce competition, workers throughout the supply chain are now under heightened pressure to speed up order fulfillment and optimize operations,” said Kevin Dehoff, president of Honeywell’s Productivity Solutions and Services business. “Mobile workers are being tasked to work smarter and faster, and we’re partnering with innovative solution providers like FarEye and transforming our productivity software to a connected suite to help enterprises achieve their goals.”

    FarEye works with major retailers, carriers and consumers around the world to provide higher control on their delivery operations and provide superior experience to end customers.

    “As customers transform their businesses to keep pace with today’s ever-changing business climate, FarEye enables the customers to scale their delivery operations and create value,” said Kushal Nahata, CEO of FarEye. “Together we have been able to make a positive impact on businesses with the disruptive power of Honeywell technologies and FarEye's intelligent delivery management platform which is built to solve the complex challenges that cost the supply chain and logistics industry trillions of dollars.”

    The software suite also includes Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software platform, which enables workers and enterprises to predict upcoming problems before they happen and gain key business insights. The software now has a Smart Actions feature, alerting workers on how to resolve and address business issues – be it hardware issues or ensuring social distancing guidelines are being met – when they happen.

    Combined with the Honeywell Smart Talk unified workforce communications application, mobile workers have the tools to give them actionable insights and the ability to act upon them.

    The three solutions have an open API architecture, allowing businesses to integrate these applications with other work-essential software. Greater visibility can be achieved through centralizing data that usually scattered throughout the organization giving customers greater transparency enabling them to move from reactive problem addressing to real time problem solving with end-to-end operational visibility.

    These applications can be found in the Honeywell Marketplace, an enterprise app store that enables customers to discover, evaluate and download business-critical software for a wide range of industries.

    Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services develops and deploys an innovative range of solutions, software and services that help keep workers and workplaces safer and more productive, and supply chains and assets more efficient, accurate and reliable. For more information, visit sps.honeywell.com.

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    Whitney Ellis