Honeywell Dielectric Boots Pair Comfort With Protection From Electric Shock Risk

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 23, 2021 -- Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) today announced the Electrigrip™ dielectric boots, which provide primary protection for voltages up to 20kV combined with comfort, flexibility and performance.  

    Designed to be worn directly over socks, the Honeywell Salisbury® Electrigrip boots include some safety features normally found in work boots, such as impact and compression resistance along with a protective toe cap and a puncture resistant sole. However, the Electrigrip boots also provide critical protection against electrical shock. Additional features include an ergonomic fit with a locking ankle to prevent heel slip, and shock absorbing insoles with arch support to provide both cushioning and stability for all day comfort.

    Offered in both a standard and thermal model, the Electrigrip boots feature heavy duty outsoles for traction and slip resistance over rugged terrains. The thermal model includes a unique outsole designed to provide a secure grip on icy or wet metal surfaces, along with a thick lining to keep feet warm and protected in cold weather conditions.

    “We know that working with electricity, especially in damp and wet conditions, is a dangerous job. To help protect workers against electrical hazards, we’re excited to introduce our Electrigrip dielectric boots. Not only do these boots help protect against step potential, they incorporate features that offer stability and can reduce stress on users’ backs, legs and feet to give workers the protection they deserve,” says Kevin Pietras, Director of Offering Management, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. “As many industries such as vehicle manufacturing and energy sources turn towards electrification, we know that more workers will rely on gear like the Electrigrip boots to help keep them safe.”  

    Honeywell is a leading provider of head-to-toe personal protective equipment that help keep workers safe on the job, including gloves, protective eyewear, respiratory protection, safety suits, hard hats and boots. The Electrigrip dielectric boots expand Honeywell’s rubber boot portfolio to meet the growing demand for electrical safety footwear and are the latest offering in the Honeywell Salisbury line of electrical safety tools that help workers to operate safely in hazardous conditions.   

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    Caroline Szyperski