Honeywell is building a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world.
That’s the Power of Connected. That’s the Power of Honeywell.

Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanization. We are uniquely positioned to blend physical products with software to support connected systems that improve homes, buildings, factories, utilities, vehicles and aircraft, and that enable a safer, more comfortable and more productive world. Our solutions enhance the quality of life of people around the globe and create new markets and even new industries.

Today, nearly half of our revenue is linked to energy efficient products, and a growing portion supports clean air and clean water to promote good and safe living - especially in parts of the world where the need is greatest. We are committed to enabling a better quality of life and a cleaner, more sustainable environment for future generations.

More than half of our engineers are focused on software and 100% of our global software divisions are compatible with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Maturity Level 5, which enables continuous improvement and innovation for products that are intuitive, reliable, and meet customer needs.

As a Fortune 100 company with $40.5B in sales in 2017, Honeywell has established a track record of strong financial performance over time. We routinely set and achieve challenging five-year financial targets that distinguish us from our peers.





With more than 22,000 engineers and scientists worldwide, we continue to build on our track record of innovation, creating technologies that blend physical and social sciences. Our growth is connected to software, this is why we invested in state-of-the-art Software Center in Atlanta and we will focus on software application development. 


Through our Honeywell User Experience (HUE) initiative, we deliver high-quality, smart and practical products that are easy to install, use and maintain.
We use HUE to develop a deep understanding of the needs of our users in order to design intuitive, desirable and differentiated end-to-end experiences.


HOS Gold

It brings our growth strategies, people management and process improvement tools together to promote breakthrough growth and productivity across our Gold Business Enterprises.
We bring highly differentiated solutions to market faster than the competition.



We focus every day on ensuring the well-being of our customers, our employees, the communities where we operate and the environment.
We employ a rigorous audit process to ensure we meet and exceed all standards and regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction in which we operate.



Honeywell Aerospace innovates and integrates thousands of products, software and services to advance and more easily deliver safe, efficient, productive and comfortable transportation experiences worldwide. Our offerings are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft, and our turbochargers are used by nearly every automaker and truck manufacturer around the world.

We develop innovative solutions for more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly airplanes and vehicles, more direct and on-time flights, safer flying and reduced runway and flight traffic plus engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity equipment and services, logistics and more. With nearly 500 new introductions this year alone and tens of millions of products in the market, Honeywell’s hardware and digitally-delivered software and applications help airports, flight crews, passengers and drivers improve fuel economy and performance while enabling people to get to their destinations more quickly and safely.

Our unique legacy in both Aerospace and automotive industries helps the company create some of the most innovative and high-performing vehicle turbochargers in the world that can enable a V4 turbocharged engine to perform like a V6 non turbocharged engine while providing 20-40% greater fuel efficiency. We leverage our expertise to drive future innovations in Turbo Technologies and in electric boosting solutions.

Home and Building Technologies

At Honeywell, we know what makes a perfect comfortable and safe home. 
With technologies in more than 150 million homes worldwide, Honeywell provides the homeowners the tools to stay in control through the convenience of their mobile devices. Connected thermostats and home controls, fire and security systems, air and water purification are among our many products that provide homes around the world with greater comfort and safety. 

Buildings that use Honeywell’s solutions are smarter and more versatile. Our building-automation technologies can be found in more than 10 million buildings, where we drive value for owners and occupants.

HBT includes Honeywell’s Environmental & Energy Solutions (E&ES), Security and Fire, and Building Solutions and Distribution businesses. 

Safety and Productivity Solutions

Honeywell’s solutions enhance productivity and safety for more than half a billion workers annually. Our productivity solutions include a mix of products, from rugged mobile computers, voice-enabled software and workflows, bar code scanners, and printing solutions. We are a global leader in the industry with a wide portfolio of personal protective equipment, including connected products that track the locations and status of workers and first responders in hazardous locations.

SPS include Honeywell’s Sensing & Productivity Solutions and Industrial Safety business units, as well as the Intelligrated acquisition.

Performance Materials and Technologies

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) is a global leader in designing and creating high-purity, high-quality performance chemicals and materials and software-based systems to safely and efficiently operate complex industrial facilities.

Honeywell manufactures environmentally friendly refrigerants, specialty plastics and high purity chemicals used to make products as varied as bullet-resistant armor, nylon, computer chips and pharmaceutical packaging. Honeywell UOP provides refining, petrochemical and gas processing technologies and software services that are the foundation of the world’s oil and gas industry, and Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) is a pioneer in software-based automation controls, instrumentation and services for the oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, industrial power generation, chemicals, life sciences, and metals, minerals and mining industries. Combined, Honeywell UOP and HPS provide customers with a fully integrated solution to de-risk and accelerate projects that increase safety, start-up facilities sooner and operate at peak performance.

PMT is developing the technologies of tomorrow, including new applications for the Industrial Internet of Things, advanced software services for smart and connected plants, new refining conversion technologies to make better use of our energy resources, and new barriers and films to enhance product performance and safety.