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    Get Back in the Game, Safely

    How do we make employees, visitors and residents feel more comfortable? Go behind the scenes at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte to find out. 

    A Win-Win for Health and Teamwork

    With fan attendance at stake, we partnered with the Carolina Panthers to create a safer stadium for fans.

    “As [fans] come and go, they can leave knowing they were in the safest stadium in the country.”

    - Eddie Levins, Infection Control Officer, Carolina Panthers

    Covered from the Gate to the Grass

    The Challenge

    In the midst of the global pandemic, the Carolina Panthers were facing an unprecedented season of potentially no in-person attendance.

    To create a safer environment for everyone inside the stadium and provide the confidence and peace of mind necessary for fans to return to the games, the Panthers turned to Honeywell and our suite of building, safety and software solutions.

    The Solution

    Bringing resources and expertise together, the Panthers and Honeywell created a custom package of solutions tailored to the unique needs of the stadium and personnel.


    Air Quality

    Humidity and climate sensors pair with Honeywell Forge, the Software-as-a-Service that drives business decisions based on data. By creating an ideal flow of air and eliminating bacteria and viruses, the partnership has helped everyone inside feel more comfortable.

    Building Occupancy

    Monitoring building and room occupancy was another key factor. We installed occupancy sensors, allowing the Panthers to enforce local social distancing guidelines throughout the stadium. This also enabled contact tracing to be initiated if the need arises.

    Individual Safety Package

    At the gate - before guests even enter - they received a welcome kit. The specialty-branded in team colors safety packs made sure everyone  was prepared with convenient single-use hand sanitizer, masks and gloves. 

    How We Get Started - 5 Steps to a Healthier Facility


    Walkthrough and analyze current situation


    Evaluate policies and standards


    Create analysis report and recommendations


    Prioritize pain points


    Deliver detailed proposal

    Let’s Team Up

    No matter the size of your office, hospital, airport and stadium, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to create a more productive and healthier environment.

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