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    We’re Making Offices Work Wonders

    Go behind the scenes with SAP and Lincoln Harris to see how the future of work is becoming a reality. 

    “Our solutions are transforming the way offices operate, helping businesses make the most of available workspace and keeping employees safer and more productive.”

    - Koo MacQueen, Senior Director of Real Estate, Honeywell

    Solutions for Buildings Large and Small

    • Temperature Screening 
    • PPE Detection
    • Enhanced Air Quality
    • Air Purifier
    • Alerts, SOPS & IM Security Control Room
    • Trends & Analytics CEO/C-Suite
    • Lockdown Monitoring 
    • IAQ Sensors Temp, Humidity, CO2, PM2.5
    • Healthy Building KPIS
    • UV Light Cleaning 
    • People Counting Flow Monitoring 
    • PPE Kit Vending Machine 
    • Touchless Access Control 
    • Occupant App Monitoring
    • Negative Pressure Monitoring & Control

    The Challenge

    The way the world works has forever changed. And along with that, so too has employee expectations. That’s why you need solutions that provide employees the confidence and peace of mind they need to return to the office and why we’re making it possible for businesses to restore the productivity of their workplace.

    The Solution

    Bringing our resources and expertise together, SAP and Lincoln Harris worked with Honeywell to create a custom package of solutions.

    Building Efficiency

    By pairing IoT and financial data together, achieve corporate sustainability goals by receiving new insights on building performance, occupant safety and experience, energy consumption, and the overall financial health of a building or portfolio.

    Air Quality

    Humidity and climate sensors pair with Honeywell Forge, the Software-as-a-Service that drives business decisions based on data. By creating an ideal flow of air and eliminating bacteria and viruses, we’re helping everyone inside feel more comfortable.

    Frictionless Access

    Smart sensors recognize employees’ cars at the gate where they enter without swiping an ID badge. The garage gate even suggests a convenient place to park. From there, doors open automatically and elevators take employees to their floor without ever pressing a button.


    Sensors monitor building and room occupancy to ensure employee temperatures are optimized. This allows businesses to save energy and lower costs by intelligently controlling lights and temperature. It also helps with local social distancing guidelines and contact tracing, if needed.

    How We Get Started


    Walkthrough and analyze current situation


    Evaluate policies and standards


    Create analysis report and recommendations


    Prioritize pain points


    Deliver detailed proposal

    Let’s Get to Work

    No matter the size of your facility, we’ll partner with you every step of the way.