How Solstice Keeps a Lot of Things Cool

    Thanks to science, many of the latest technologies are better for the environment and more efficient than ever

    Consider this: What would happen if our ability to refrigerate disappeared?

    Take your local supermarket. It likely has fruit from California, corn from Iowa and beef from Texas. You can enjoy this fresh food from thousands of miles away because it’s been delivered in refrigerated trucks. Without refrigeration, local grocery stores would only be able to sell dry goods or locally farmed foods – that means saying goodbye to the frozen dinners 128.67 million Americans consumed in 2017.

    Grocery stores freezer cases, car air conditioning, home insulation and aerosol sprays all have powerful forces working behind the scenes. The unifying factor? It’s known as Solstice – fluorinated compounds that keep food fresh longer, protect homes from extreme weather, reduce emissions, and propel industries into the future.

    With an increased interest in the use of solutions that are better for the environment, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are being phased out in many parts of the world. Solstice helps, allowing up to 16 percent lower energy consumption in supermarkets.

    It’s pretty cool. Literally.

    Here is what it does:

    1. Cools cars when it's hot
    Many automobile manufacturers use Solstice yf in vehicle air conditioners. It has a 99.9 percent lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than the refrigerant it replaces. European environmental legislation required new cars to use low-GWP refrigerants and adheres to the requirement. It also offers the best combination of energy efficiency, safety and ease of customer conversion.

    2. Cools food in supermarkets
    Supermarket chains worldwide have opted to use Solstice N40 refrigerant to increase energy efficiency and minimize environment impact. It offers a GWP that is 60 percent less than the refrigerant it is designed to replace. It is the most widely accepted, lowest GWP, nonflammable replacement for R-404A in stores worldwide, with more than 20,000 supermarkets adopting the refrigerant.

    3. Cools (and warms) homes
    Solstice LBA can be used as an ingredient in closed-cell spray foam to insulate homes and buildings. It has minimal impact to the environment and the insulation keeps conditioned air inside, making homes and buildings more energy efficient.

    4.  Cooler for the environment in aerosol products
    Solstice Propellant can be found in industrial aerosols such as tire inflators and pressure dusters and beauty products such as aerosol hair color and skin care. It is non-ozone-depleting, nonflammable and has an ultra-low-global-warming-potential.