Meet a #futureshaper: Tammy Lee

    Working on technologies that improve the way of life globally by providing sustainable solutions.

    Here’s what she said about her career:

    How does your job make tomorrow better than today?

    Innovations in buildings are making things more economical, sustainable and connected for the future. When I decided to pursue a degree in computer science, it was because I wanted to make an impact on the world around me. Knowing that I can change the world with my work makes me feel like I chose the right profession and like I can make a positive difference for future generations.

    How do you feel diversity impacts business?

    The diversity of Honeywell is integral to our culture because it allows us to learn about different perspectives and ways of life – to better understand the world around us. We are constantly collaborating with people who have different backgrounds and that is when the most progress happens. Differences inspire innovation and creativity. I support diversity by leading the Honeywell Women’s Network in Atlanta.

    How do you keep the future in mind?

    I always try to keep the future in mind when working on projects because of the goal of everything being connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) is where the future is headed to create optimal solutions. Honeywell products have impacted the future by allowing building portfolio owners to view real time details of their buildings to cut back on costs and energy consumption while maximizing building space. I would say that everything in the future will be accessible by the touch of a button and complicated tasks will be simplified by automation.

    What would you tell someone considering a software engineering career at Honeywell?

    If I had one thing to tell a new software engineer, it’s that you are in good hands. I have grown so much since I joined Honeywell – both personally and professionally. I have developed strong friendships, found great mentors, and grown as a technologist. The opportunities at Honeywell are so far reaching – you can go anywhere in the world.  You can work on a broad variety of technologies. I don’t know of any other companies that have such a large presence in several industries. Honeywell has products that are used by industry giants.