How to Land Your Dream Job

    10 tips to ace your Honeywell interview

    Whether you are early in your career or have decades of experience, the process of applying and interviewing for a job can be daunting.

    But there are steps you can take to perform your best, according to our recruiters and hiring managers.

    Here are ten tips to shine in your interview with Honeywell.

    1.     Be prepared

    Make sure you find a quiet space with good cell service for a phone interview or reliable internet for a webcam interview. Ensure the environment will not disrupt your focus or distract the interviewer. For in-person interviews – make sure you know where you are going and allow plenty of time to arrive.

    2.     Do research

    Study Honeywell and understand our different businesses, including our products and solutions. Read the job description. If a part of the job description is unclear, ask your recruiter for clarification, said Michaela Mullins, one of our recruiters. Look up who you will be talking to on LinkedIn to learn about their experience.  

    3. Think STAR

    Answer competency-based questions such as “Describe a time when you overcame a challenge,” with the Situation Task Action Results (STAR) approach. What was the situation you were in? What was the task that arose? What action did you put into play? What was the result? Be specific when providing examples and focus on the contributions you made.    

    4. Be positive

    Do not speak poorly about previous employers. “It’s unprofessional,” Michaela said. It will also reflect poorly on how you would be as a coworker, said Debbie Ewing, a talent expert and recruiter.  

    5. Ask questions

    Plan questions to ask. “It shows that you’ve actually thought about the role and you’ve thought about Honeywell as a place to start or build your career,” Michaela said. Ask about next steps for the interview process.

    6. Demonstrate Honeywell’s 8 Behaviors

    Our culture emphasizes workplace respect, a commitment to integrity and ethics and supporting diversity. Building on these fundamental values, our “8 Behaviors” reflect a bold, entrepreneurial spirit along with an emphasis on execution with speed and precision. When you’re answering questions, try to demonstrate which behaviors you excel in and your plans to continue to emerge in the others, Michaela said.

    7. Dress professionally

    Put your best foot forward. “Managers will always take note of the fact that someone at least made the effort, even if the role for which you are applying is not one that requires professional attire as part of the job,” Debbie said. “First impressions count.”

    8. Be confident

    Practice power poses, Michaela recommends. One common power pose is standing tall in a superhero stance with your hands on your hips. Also prepare specific examples of your strengths and weaknesses, Debbie said. Show how your previous experience will transfer to the position you are seeking. 

    9. Tell the truth

    Do not lie. Do not lie in your resume and do not lie in your interview. “You always get found out,” Michaela said.

    10. Send a thank you

    Send thank you emails, the recruiters said. You can use that note to expand on how you would be a good fit for the role.