Industries Now Can Leverage Our Quantum Computer

    In the race to use quantum, businesses can get started.

    No longer fodder for science fiction tales, quantum computing is now available for businesses to use to solve real problems.

    Companies can avail the power of our trapped ion quantum computer. We recently doubled its capability, achieving a Quantum Volume of 128

    “This milestone captures our differentiated features of increased qubit counts, high fidelity gate operations, all-to-all connectivity, and long coherence times," said Honeywell Quantum Solutions President Tony Uttley. "As we continue to improve our system, these factors will increasingly allow customers to execute more complex algorithms.”

    While quantum computing is still nascent, developments such as increases in qubit counts, quality of operations, and Quantum Volume are critical to enabling businesses to unlock value from its power.

    Quantum computing promises to tackle classically challenging problems across a variety of industries, from optimizing traffic control to refining supply chain logistics, and from discovering new drugs to detecting fraud more rapidly.

    Complex optimization problems are computationally intensive for classical computers and can not guarantee optimal solutions for all problems. This is where the power of quantum computation can have a huge impact on improving business outcomes.

    Honeywell is committed to shaping the future of quantum computing with a focus on continued research and innovation. Honeywell's team of scientists and engineers tackle the hard challenges necessary to drive the industry forward.

    “Our team continues to put forth a tremendous effort to expand and refine our quantum computing capability and I am really proud of that,” Tony said.