The Next Normal: Lessons from the C-Suite for Beyond the Pandemic

    Innovation is the theme during Honeywell’s 2021 Tech Forum—Honeywell Beyond

    Workers will return to offices.

    Companies will reach sustainability targets faster than ever.

    Innovation will drive our return to normal as vaccines are rolled out around the world and the pandemic eases.

    Executives from across industries explore what the future holds during Honeywell Beyond—Tech Forum.

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    Here’s a preview of some of the conversations:

    Returning to Offices in the Next Normal

    How do leaders bring back thousands of employees to the workplace?

    “Beyond just presenting a plan of health and safety measures, we have to understand the new normal,” said Valentin Neagu, head of property and facility management for Globalworth Romania. “We have to understand the psychological effects that has reshaped the mentality of the users during the last year.”

    It’s all about reassurance, said Cynthia Kantor, Chief Product Officer, Corporate Solutions for JLL, which is leading the way on healthy re-entry.

    It starts with an assessment for clients on air quality, health and wellness monitoring. “It helps them understand what additional things they need to do related to air quality, health, and wellness monitoring, etc. So that as more and more people come back into the facility and the building that they're safe, they're well, they're welcomed and they feel comfortable being there.”

    Listen to the conversation moderated by Honeywell Building Technologies President and CEO Vimal Kapur.

    Innovating in Health Care

    As vaccines became available, the logistical challenge of vaccinating thousands of people quickly and safely needed to be solved.

    The solution emerged during a conversation between Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk and Atrium Health CEO Gene Woods — mass vaccination clinics at large stadiums.

    Through a partnership with Honeywell, Atrium Health successfully held those clinics at sites like the Charlotte Motor Speedway and Bank of America stadium. “We were all so committed to a common cause, which is as many shots in arms as we could get,” Woods said. 

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    Investing in Safety and Security

    The recent hacking of a major pipeline drew attention to the risk of cyber threats to operational technology.

    Executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, Kelvin Coleman, and retired FBI agent Jeff Lanza explore what cyber threats will evolve to be.

    “We really have to think about one key word and that is mutations,” Lanza said. “Now we've heard that word a lot this year when it comes to COVID, but criminals mutate also just like viruses.”

    Coleman added that the whole concept of defense in depth is critical. “When we're talking about protecting these systems, if nothing more than the fact that it provides additional speed bumps, that give us opportunities to detect that actor doing something bad. And I think that that's something that we always have to really consider across both of our IT and our OT environments.”

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    Creating Resilient Supply Chains

    The pandemic showed that business continuity planning is critical, said Udo Lange, President and CEO of Federal Express Logistics. He discusses the future of Supply Chains with Nitin Chaudhary, senior vice president of technology from Fresh Direct, a leading online grocer.

    Chadhary said the pandemic made it clear companies must invest in technology for digital collaboration and real-time network visibility. His takeaways include making supply chains more resilient and investing in advanced analytics and decision support system to improve supply forecast accuracy.

    Join their in-depth discussion on all things supply chain, moderated by Torsten Pilz, our Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer.

    Achieving Sustainability Targets

    Our General Counsel Anne Madden expands on our recent pledge to be carbon neutral in facilities and operations by 2035. She hosts an in-depth conversation on the future of sustainability P.J. Simmons, chairman of the Corporate Eco Forum, which he co-founded in 2007.

    Simmons outlined the actions that decision makers should take in setting sustainability goals, including benchmarking against competitors and leveraging cross-functional leaders. Determine your company’s superpowers to unlock solutions the world needs that can drive innovation.

    Find out how during the conversation moderated by Rajeev Gautum, President and CEO of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies.