Things to Know about Quantinuum

    Honeywell Quantum Solutions + Cambridge Quantum = the largest, integrated quantum computing company in the world.

    Commercial quantum computing has advanced rapidly over the past few years and is expected to grow into a $1 trillion industry in the coming decades.

    Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum have joined forces as Quantinuum to accelerate the development of this disruptive technology and deliver real-world, quantum solutions faster.  Here is what you need to know.

    1. It is a global company.

    The new company employs nearly 400 people in offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan. Of those, approximately 300 work in research and technical fields. There will be a dual headquarters in Colorado and in Cambridge, United Kingdom, enabling it to collaborate internationally with businesses, universities, government agencies and other organizations.

    2. The first product will launch in a few weeks

    A new cybersecurity offering will be introduced in December. It's the first – and flagship – product. This product is not only the first of its kind but is a technology that cannot be done using classical computers and thus the first genuine quantum product for use in the real world.

    Additionally, Quantinuum also is developing solutions for:

    • Drug discovery and delivery
    • Material science
    • Finance
    • Quantum Natural Language Processing
    • Optimization, supply chain and logistics
    • Artificial Intelligence

    3. Best-in-class software joins high-performing hardware

    Honeywell Quantum Solutions has developed the world’s highest-performing quantum computers based on trapped-ion technology, and Cambridge Quantum is the global leader in software and algorithms used across multiple quantum platforms. By coming together as Quantinuum, the new company will offer an integrated end-to-end quantum platform that is entirely platform agnostic.

    4. This is a long-standing relationship

    The two organizations have long collaborated on projects, including devising a steel manufacturing process schedule for Nippon Steel and optimizing the packing of a unit load device (ULD) for DHL.  In fact, researchers from Cambridge Quantum were the first external users to run a quantum circuit on the System Model H0, Honeywell’s inaugural commercial system. No organization outside of Honeywell has used the H-Series hardware more.

    5. Honeywell is an owner, investor, supplier and customer of Quantinuum

    Though Quantinuum is a stand-alone company, Honeywell is initially the largest shareholder with an approximately 54 percent ownership stake of the new entity. It has invested nearly $300 million allowing the company to be well capitalized on day one. Honeywell's aerospace foundry in Plymouth, Minnesota will continue to provide manufacturing support for Quantinuum’s proprietary ion traps, which sit at the heart of the company’s trapped-ion quantum computers. Honeywell also will be a customer of Quantinuum’s offerings across the H-Series hardware, powered by Honeywell and software spectrum and plans to collaborate with Quantinuum on various projects.