Meet a Third-Generation #futureshaper

    Honeywell is her legacy – here’s the story of how this lawyer’s career and family history are intertwined.  

    For assistant general counsel Amanda Balmer, being a #futureshaper runs in the family.

    “Growing up, I knew that my family worked at Honeywell because they were all in a Honeywell bowling league together,” Balmer said. “Some of them had matching Honeywell Avionics bomber jackets.”

    Balmer is colleagues with several of her aunts and uncles — and her mom, dad and grandpa worked in our aerospace business.

    Balmer's grandfather, Leroy (Joe) Durant, had a career spanning 43 years, including four years serving in the military, and for decades after, supporting the production of military avionics products.

    Durant died in 2005, and Balmer's family recently rediscovered his badge, which is dated 1961. 

    Balmer said that her grandfather's Honeywell badge was from a little more than a decade after he started his career in 1950.

    “My mom found the badge while cleaning out her mom’s drawers,” Balmer said. “My grandma thinks it’s very funny that his badge has become famous.”

    She said her family calculated that the ID card was from 11 years after her grandfather began his career at Honeywell in 1950, when he was 18.

    "He would be laughing from heaven if he knew," Balmer said of her grandfather and the family finding the memento.

    She said she’s often reminded of her family history here. Every now and then, she gets the unique opportunity to work with someone who knew her grandfather: one of his original bowling league partners.

    From left to right: Leroy (Joe) Durant with Amanda Balmer; Balmer's dad, Barry Momchilovich, with Balmer; and Balmer in 2021 at the Honeywell headquarters.

    Like her grandfather and parents, Barry and Jeannine Momchilovich, Balmer started her #futureshaper career in our aerospace business, where she supported military, space and commercial programs. She’s now based at our new headquarters in Charlotte.

    "To me, being a #futureshaper means contributing to a culture constantly overcoming challenges and advocating for continuous improvement and growth," Balmer said. "Even if in a small way, I’ve always felt I have a voice in that."