The Future Is... A Smart Office

    Senior Director of Real Estate Koo MacQueen goes behind the scenes at our new headquarters in Charlotte — and talks the trends building leaders should consider when designing an office for a hybrid world.

    When you step into our global headquarters in Uptown Charlotte, you'll get an idea of what the office of the future looks like.

    Koo MacQueen, our Senior Director of Real Estate, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the headquarters and reflects on the challenges — and triumphs — of building an office from the ground-up in the midst of the pandemic.

    Koo also discusses the key trends building and facilities leaders should consider about the changing role of the workplace. 

    "The focus is really less about the 'me' space and more about the 'we' space, and having a variety of spaces where, within a few steps, an employee can navigate the activity-based needs of their day," she said.

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