5 Gardening Tools You'll Dig

    With growing season in full swing, it’s time to nurture those seeds into a real harvest. But along with the fresh air and sunshine, gardening can present some personal risk. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages gardeners to dress to protect, know your limits in the heat, stay hydrated and put safety first. Here are some other helpful safety tools you’ll want to add to your kit:

    1. Cut-Resistant Gloves
    Why: An alternative to the leather gardening gloves are these cut-resistant, lightweight fiberglass, polyester blend knit shell with polyurethane palm coating gloves. They’re designed for extended wear and can be easily laundered. Best of all, they offer dexterity and feel with the fingers, which is helpful when you’re planting seedlings, placing flowers into pots, or trimming the hedge.
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    2. Anti-Fog Eye Glasses
    Why: What gardener hasn’t taken their green thumb away from the job at hand to remove eyeglasses that fogged up? This year, wear safety glasses treated with an anti-fog lens coating that keeps lenses clear hours on end from sweat, water and exhalation. The full frame, sportswear-inspired design is equipped with streamlined padded temples and a molded nosepiece for a secure, comfortable fit. Soon you’ll be humming, I can see clearly now…
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    3. Muck Boots
    Sure you could get by with ordinary sneakers or work boots, but Muck Boots will keep you cooler, drier, more comfortable and protected.
    Why: In a wide assortment of styles and sizes, they’re waterproof and easy to wash off with a quick spray of the hose.
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    4. Wireless Headphones
    Why: Silence is golden, but so is the chance to listen to music, answer calls or stream information from your mobile phone during those long afternoons in the garden. This pair of headphones fit around your head like an earmuff to effectively block out extraneous noises like honking vehicles, loud music or noisy neighbors. Keep the cell phone in your pocket and answer incoming calls while your hands are still pruning.
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    5. Bump Cap
    Why: Protect yourself from minor head injuries such as bumps, abrasions and lacerations by wearing protective head gear with this lightweight baseball-type-cap. A durable thermoplastic liner shields your head, while cooling ventilation eyelets permit air circulation for comfort on hot days. An adjustable back strap and inner foam pad give you extra comfort and coolness on those dog days when you’re getting a real workout carrying bags of compost and pushing a stubborn wheelbarrow.
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