Why There Needs to Be a Cybersecurity Standard

    These three reasons are why companies are coming together to make it happen

    How vulnerable are you to a cyberattack?

    Right now, the software on your phone and computer and in your car and home can put you at risk. The same goes for the programs running cities, critical infrastructure like power plants, the buildings where we work and manufacturing facilities.

    There are breaches constantly – a recent study by Accenture indicates that cybercrime incidents were up more than 11 percent last year and more than 67 percent in the last five years.

    Ideally, any software should thoughtfully incorporate secure software development practices to minimize cybersecurity issues from occurring.  “Cybersecurity is the great equalizer,” said Matthew Bohne, vice president and chief product security officer of Honeywell Building Technologies. “No industry, no software and no company is immune.”

    That’s why Honeywell is a founding member of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA), founded by the International Society of Automation (ISA). Along with the other companies, we’re working on a standard to make digital infrastructure robust and secure from major facilities to everyday products.

    Per Matthew, here are three of the reasons why this is so important.

    Reason 1: Ensure that our digital world can operate

    Secure and safe software is critical for our connected world to operate effectively. Would you be ok with no locks on your home's windows? Same. The glass gives you the perception of protection – the lock ensures it exists. Just because your embedded device functions, doesn’t always mean that it is secure. Standards like these will help ensure manufacturers thoughtfully incorporate cybersecurity by design.  

    Reason 2: Establish basic safety standards that will become commonplace

    Just like seat belts weren’t important at one point – now you’d never even consider a car without them – It is just that important. Cybersecurity is best when designed into the products and systems people use. 

    Reason 3: Enable an even more digitally-centric world

    Our dependence on technology is growing exponentially – smart assistants in our homes and our cars have auto pilots that keep us in the lane – insecure software is also unsafe and puts you and your data at risk. The guidance from the GCA will help make growth possible.