Celebrating Moms: Perspectives From #futureshaper Mothers and Daughters

    This Mother’s Day, our team members reflect both on mother figures who’ve inspired them and what being a #futureshaper and mom means to them. 

    Moms are heroes every day.

    We asked daughters and mothers to reflect on what being a #futureshaper and mom is all about. Here’s what they had to say.

    Ayanna Cassanova, senior project management specialist (pictured above)

    “Being a working mother to a child with special needs has taken a village," Ayanna said. "The support, friendship and mentors that I have found since becoming a #futureshaper has expanded that village in ways that I had not previously imagined.”

    Donna Chapman, senior director of labor relations 

    Donna with her children at Bring Your Child to Work Day at the Honeywell headquarters in Charlotte.

    “When I became a mother, my focus became how I could make the world a better place for my children," Donna said. "As a #futureshaper and a mother, I am proud to help to support the many global employees, managers and businesses that are committed to increasing sustainability and making the world cleaner and safer for everyone.”

    Nazia Taylor, IT director

    Nazia (left) with her mother.

    “I grew up surrounded by women who may not have had the education but had the determination of a leader, the courage of a warrior and the heart of a winner," Nazia said.

    Nazia with her aunt.

    Nazia added: "Through my mom and Fufi (aunt), I was taught that everything can be achieved if you can dream it. As long as you believe in yourself, give it your best and don’t give up; you will get what you want.”

    Samantha Elder, procurement buyer

    Samantha (left) and Cheryl Elder shared 10 years together at Honeywell. Cheryl worked at Honeywell for 30 years in Geneva, Ohio, and retired in January.

    “As we both progressed in our careers, being able to come together was special. We communicated a lot and shared different perspectives with each other,” Samantha said of her mom. “It strengthened our relationship. [My mom] encourages and inspires me to do better every day. She pushes me to not be content with the status quo. You can always make something better. You just have to think about it differently.”

    Melanie Boyd, project coordinator

    Melanie (right) and her mother, Mary Boyd, worked at the same facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 14 years. Mary retired in 2019.

    “[My mom] definitely taught me about being committed. It brings up happy tears to remember and share the time we spent together here. She’s a great person and I love her very much,” Melanie said of her mom.

    Nadine Bent-Russell, user experience program manager

    Nadine (left) and her mother.

    “My mother inspired me as a professional from a young age," Nadine said. "She was a productivity guru and a forerunner in technology as a keypunch operator. It was great to see how she prepped for her days and carried out her roles over the years. She also taught me her skills as a seamstress, and I took the best of her guidance and built on it to enjoy my career as the next generation often does.”