How Allyship Makes an Impact

    This Pride Month, a vice president and chief financial officer share the importance of cultivating a workplace where everyone can embrace their authentic selves.  

    Jim Schwab, a vice president of human resources, says that seemingly small but impactful moments and gestures of allyship have helped him feel confident embracing his authentic self at work.

    Jim said it was meaningful to him that when he moved into his current role last year, in an announcement that was sent to other employees, he included that he and his husband relocated to Chicago for the opportunity. 

    Jim also recalls a moment when, not long after he came out, a colleague ensured him that he was surrounded by allies at work.

    “It is important for people to embrace their authentic selves in order to give 100% and build closer connections with the people they work with and lead,” he said.

    Jim (left) oversees the human resources operation for one of our business units, UOP, within our Performance Materials & Technologies business.

    He’s been at Honeywell for more than 20 years and began his career in procurement and supply chain before finding his passion in talent acquisition and later human resources.

    “Thanks to other out employees and our allies, this is a place where I feel I can be my authentic self,” Jim said. “I feel empowered to be the full leader I am and contribute in a really meaningful way.”

    Taking on the role of an ally to the LGBTQ+ community has been personal for Mary Holt (pictured at top with her daughter), a chief financial officer overseeing our Productivity Solutions and Services sector.

    When her daughter came out two years ago, Mary sought ways to help continue to make Honeywell an inclusive and diverse workplace – and a place she could envision her daughter working and being herself.

    Mary helped found a local chapter of our global LGBTQ+ employee network at our headquarters in Charlotte, and she also serves as a sponsor for the global employee community.

    “In the Charlotte chapter, half the members are parents of gay children so we’re passionate about having an inclusive environment,” Mary said. “As an ally, I’m learning a lot about the community – from understanding the role of pronouns, to using inclusive language.”

    “The more allies there are in the office, the more we show the LGBTQ+ community they are important and supported,” Mary said.

    Learn more about our seven employee networks at Honeywell, which are communities open to all employees and allies.